CARA: COVID Airborne Risk Assessment Tools

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Andre Henriques1, Gabriella Azzopardi2, James Devine3, Philip Elson4, Nicolas Mounet2, Markus Kongstein Rognlien2, Nicola Tarocco5

1HSE Unit, Occupational Health & Safety Group, CERN
2Beams Department, Accelerators and Beam Physics Group, CERN
3Experimental Physics Department, Safety Office, CERN
4Beams Department, Controls Group, CERN
5Information Technology Department, Collaboration, Devices & Applications Group, CERN


We thank CERN’s HSE Unit, Beams Department, Experimental Physics Department and Information Technology Department for their continuous support. Thanks to Doris Forkel-Wirth, Olga Beltramello, Letizia Di Giulio, Evelyne Dho and the other members of the office occupancy working group for providing expert advice and extensively testing the tool. We thank Fabienne Landua and the Design and Visual Identity Service for preparing the logo. Thanks also to colleagues like Oriol Rios, Marco Andreini, Lina Dimovasili for the technical discussions and advice. Many thanks to the work and research performed by world leading scientists in this domain: Prof. Manuel Gameiro, Prof. Shelly Miller, Prof. Linsey Marr, Prof. Jose Jimenez, Dr. Lidia Morawska, Prof Yuguo Li – their contribution was indispensable for this project.

Intended Users:

CARA is made available for internal CERN use only. It is intended for Members of Personnel with roles related to Supervision, Health & Safety or Space Management, in order to simulate the concerned workplaces on CERN sites. For use outside of this scope, please contact CERN Knowledge Transfer (